Premium Boweimar Puppies Available

About Mom

Athena is an AKC registered silver Weimaraner. She has been training in agility and obedience. Most importantly she is a valued member of our family. Athena is a wonderful example of the Weimaraner breed.  She is extremely intelligent, affectionate and sweet.  She enjoys activity and learning new things but enjoys relaxing with her family.

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About Dad

Enzo is an AKC registered Boxer. He has a very gentle and calm temperament. Enzo is a great family dog and gets along well with young children and other animals. He is very loving and aware of people’s emotions. Enzo constantly strives to make people happy.

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About Boweimars

Boweimars are considered a designer hybrid. The Boweimar aims to combine the best characteristics of both breeds. Boweimars make great family pets.

Boweimar’s have the BEST temperament and are as sweet as can be. These dogs are very affectionate and great with children. They are intelligent, athletic dogs and they work hard to please their families.

Boweimar Breed information

More Boweimar Info

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About Our Puppies

Enrichment & Socialization

Our puppies have biosensor and early neurological stimulation. This is important for increasing cardio vascular strength, improving resistance to disease, increasing their tolerance to stress, and aid in neurological development.

We raise all our pups as part of the family and spend hours playing and caring for them! These boweimars will fit perfectly into any home!

Our Boweimars are more than “just a pet”, they are part of the family. We carefully raise our pups with high quality food and spend lots of time playing with them and introducing them to everyday sounds and smells so they aren’t scared. We carefully observe each puppies’ temperament and personality to ensure they find the right home.


All our pups get their tails docked and dew claws removed between 3-5 days old surgically by our vet. They will have received 1-2 rounds of shots and have been dewormed. We always make sure our puppies are healthy before they find homes.

Our puppies are healthy and amazing! They make for the most loyal companions and great family dogs.

Included with Your Puppy

When you pick up your new puppy you’ll also go home with:

– a blanket with their mom’s and litermates’ scent

– a toy

– a little bag of puppy food

– individual paperwork w/ records

– collar & leash

We are located outside of Dallas, Texas!

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